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[TF2] Melee Only - SourceMod

[TF2] Melee Only - SourceMod

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[TF2] Melee Only - SourceMod

Toggle melee only anytime during the game without any side effects. Works with all game modes and configurations. Good to have when your players have an urge for a melee brawl. Just disable it and everything goes back to normal.


Exceptions for non-combat weapons: jarate, bonk, crit-a-cola, sandwich, steak, chocolate, buff banner, sappers, disguise kit, wrangler, mad milk, battalion's backup, concheror, rocket/sticky jumper, mediguns, and all buildables.
Non-stop, unexploitable, melee on melee action!


melee (set access with the melee_flag cvar)

melee or !melee in chat will toggle melee mode.
melee 1 or melee 0 will enable or disable melee mode respectively.
votemelee (set access with the melee_voteflag cvar)


melee_healing (default 0) - 1/0 Enable or disable medic healing
melee_jumper (default 0) - 1/0 Enable or disable the sticky/rocket jumper.
melee_flag (default "z") - Admins must have this flag to have access
melee_voteflag (default "z") - Admins must have this flag to use votemelee.
melee_disabled (default 0) - Set this to 1 to disable melee from being turned on.
melee_arena (default 0.0) - Set this between 0 and 1 to set the chance that an arena round will become melee. 0.25 = 25% chance.
melee_mode (default 0) - 0 - Allow non-combat weapons | 1 - Only allow weapons in the melee slot.


0.1 - Initial release
0.1.1 - Added convar melee_healing to enable medic healing
- Added the forgotten buff banner and removed the wrangler!
0.1.2 - Added convar melee_flags to set admin access
- Fixed a bug with revenge crits
- Added back the wrangler
0.2 - Renamed melee_flags to melee_flag
- Added admin menu integration
- Changed how weapons are switched, fixes numerous bugs, makes things smoother, but requires gamedata now.
- Sentries can now be built, but they will not target.
0.2.1 - Fixed a glitch with the heavy's miniguns and switching to melee.
0.2.2 - Added voting through the votemelee command and the admin menu.
- Added the convar melee_disabled, set to 1 to disable melee from being activated.
- Added the convar melee_arena to set the chance that an arena round will be melee only.
0.2.3 - Added the convar melee_suddendeath to set whether melee should be enabled during sudden death. Default is off.
0.2.4 - Added the convar melee_mode to disallow the non-combat weapons.
0.2.5 - Added the mad milk and the battalion's backup
0.2.6 - Added the convar melee_suddendeath_class to force a class during melee sudden death.
- Improved efficiency of the plugin!
- Modified the melee vote to toggle.
- Improved some wording for player messages.
0.2.7 - Installed natives for accessing melee mode in other plugins.
- Removed the melee sudden death and moved it to this plugin.
- Fixed minigun glitch when enabling melee during priming.
0.2.8 - Added translations.
- Rewrote logic for detecting melee weapons.
- Added melee_jumper for enabling the rocket/sticky jumper during melee.
0.2.9 - Added the buffalo steak and the concheror to the white list.
0.3 - Updated offsets for the uber update and added The Quick-Fix.

Install instructions:

1. melee.smx goes in sourcemod/plugins
2. melee.txt goes in sourcemod/gamedata
3. melee.phrases.txt goes in sourcemod/translations

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